Michael's Place is a voluntary, residential program for ex-offenders who are transitioning from jail or prison to independent living. The program provides compassionate help encompassing residents' spiritual, physical, psychological and social well-being.

Although affiliated with the Catholic Church, Michael's Place, like all Society programs, is nonsectarian. It accepts men who are over twenty-one years of age regardless of race, color, or creed.

Michael's Place accepts men, who are homeless, willing to live by house rules, participate fully in a recovery program such as AA and/or NA and attend out patient therapy when needed. Expected stay is approximately six months.

When a resident graduates he will be employed full time, which gives him credibility and stability. He will also have a bank account including enough money to establish a place to live. He will have made arrangements for a healthy place to live. He will also have established a support system he can rely on for help when meeting the stresses that accompany independent living.